Constant Voltage Transformer AGT vs Isolation Transformer AIT / MIT




Smallest in catalogue 100VA 250VA
Largest single phase in catalogue 15kVA 10kVA
Largest single phase available 30kVA 100kVA
Largest three phase in catalogue 50kVA 250kVA
Largest three phase available 50kVA 400kVA
Noise rejection broadband for common & transient modes excellent common mode
Lightning protection good if installed correctly pulls input fuse to protect system against very high energy pulse excellent common mode noise rejection
Voltages available 2 to 680 Vac 55-0-55 to 680 Vac
Voltage stabilisation 5:1 or 15:1 or better none
Output regulation 3-5% <2%
Waveform re-shaping THD < 5% for any input shape none
Galvanic isolation yes yes
Creepage & clearance usually approx 15 mm approx 6 mm
Typical efficiency above 90% above 97%
Size & weight ~15kg/kVA much lighter than GT series
Audible noise 50 dbA for 5 kVA virtually none
MTBF approx 200 000 hrs approx 200 000 hrs
Hold up with swiched mode PS retained even @ low line voltage same as mains supply
Frequency 50 or 60 Hz or both 50/60Hz all units


AGT series

AIT / MIT series

Networked computers where voltage stabilisation is required ideal
File servers where voltage stabilisation is required ideal
EPoS systems for robust protection ideal
3 phase STAR loads ideal ideal
3 phase DELTA loads can be done with complex filter ONLY not advised ideal
UPS up front ideal ideal
UPS bypass care with phasing ideal
UPS output voltage step up/down AGT requires larger UPS than nominal sizing ideal
Generators care with frequency stability ideal
Phase controlled loads care with current waveform ideal