Choose the right Advance Power Conditioner

Simple Questions to help you choose the best Power Conditioner for your Application The most frequently asked question by new customers to Advance is what is the best Power Conditioner?

While the Constant Voltage Transformer is undoubtedly the best that money can buy, for some applications it can be too heavy, noisy or impractical.

Known Power Problem Known Power Symptom Recommended Product Lines
Noise Common Mode Noise Failed PC power supplies
Comms Errors
EPoS Errors
AIT Ultra-Isolation Transformers
Normal Mode Noise Bulb Flicker
Flourescent Flicker
Strange PC Resets
Data Errors on Hard Disk
AIT Ultra-Isolation Transformers
AGT Constant Voltage Transformers
Transient Small Spike Dead Bulbs
Memory Failures
Disk Corruption
TSB Transient Protection
TDA Transient protection
AGT Constant Voltage Transformers
Large Spike/
Lightning Damage
Bulb 'pops'
Mainboard Failure
Modem Failure
TDC Transient Protection
Harmonics Small Overheating transformers/ chokes
UPS switching to battery
AGT Constant Voltage Transformers
Large Short life span all components AGT Constant Voltage Transformers
Voltage Variation Brownouts/ Dips Bulbs dim
Flourescent flicker
PCs reset
Data Errors
AGT Constant Voltage Transformers
Choose UPS
Surge / Swell Bulbs brighten
Flourescent burnout
PCs overheat
Disk motor failures
AGT Constant Voltage Transformers
Blackouts / Power cuts No light!
No Power!
PC shutdown errors
Choose UPS
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Solving your power problems with a range of powerful solutions.

Transient Voltage Systems TVSS

  • From main incomers to plug and play
  • Fast response times
  • Matrix protection

Constant Voltage transformers CVT

  • Single and three phase
  • Rebuilds the sinewave
  • Wide input windows

Ultra Isolation Transformers AIT / MIT

  • Medical and EPoS isolation
  • RFI, common mode noise and transient protection

Automatic Voltage Stabilisers

  • Third World and Budget applications
  • Affordable Protection for cheaper devices
  • Sizes up to 4KVA
  • Longlife electronic controlled relay tapper
  • Electronic stabilisers up to 4.8MVA