UPS Health and Safety information

Please note the following recommendations and guidelines for the safe operation of your Advance UPS.

(a) All maintenance and service functions must be performed by authorised personnel. The UPS contains several internal power sources which can be hazardous.

(b) The internal battery can generate an electric shock. All batteries removed from the UPS for replacement must be disposed of according to the current health and safety regulations.

(c) The UPS contains its own energy source (the battery). The output connection may be live even when the UPS is not connected to a power source.

(d) The UPS generates approximately 1mA of leakage current. To ensure a safe maximum limit of 3.5mA limit the total leakage current of the loads to a maximum of 2.5mA. Should the load leakage current be over this limit a qualified electrician should install the UPS in compliance with IEC 309.

(e) In emergencies remove the fuse from the supply spur or switch off the MCB feeding the UPS and then turn off the UPS batteries using the rear ON/OFF switch.

(extracted from Elite UPS installation manual)

DO NOT throw batteries into a fire: they might explode.

DO NOT attempt to open the batteries: they are sealed lead acid maintenance-free. The acid electrolyte can harm unprotected skin and eyes.

DO NOT operate the UPS if it is appears to be leaking battery electrolyte or if a dry white power residue is present on the batteries.

DO NOT allow water near the UPS.

DO NOT place a foreign object inside the UPS.