UPS delivery + siting

Most Advance customers choose to allow the company to deliver their order to site. Where a customer wishes a collection can be made from our UK factory. In either scenario the company recommends that consideration is given to the following:

UPS weight and size

UPS weight increases with capacity and battery support time. If the UPS is of a large VA rating and/or has a large battery support time the floor loading of the system should be assessed. For some larger systems it may be necessary to install a spreader plate. On raised platforms such as in computer room installations the platform may also need extra supports installing.

Delivery route

Advance sub contracts its delivery service to one of two specially chosen (and ISO9001 monitored) carriers. The chosen carrier may use a normal wagon or one with a tail lift. In either scenario the customer should ensure that adequate off-loading facilities exist such as a fork lift and that the UPS can physically follow the delivery route to its final resting position. Where access is not direct and over level ground stair climbing and/or lifting gear may be required. If a lift is used its loading should be check. Customers should ensure that they work to the gross packed dimensions and weights.

Access for maintenance

Where a UPS is installed into a non-custom designed room the UPS may be sited into the most available space. Users should ensure that access to the UPS is available for service and maintenance work. This can vary between UPS design and ratings.

Extended battery support times are normally supplied in matching battery cabinets. For some large installations battery racks may be used where the battery terminals may be exposed. In such instances it is recommended that the battery and UPS are installed in a lockable room.

Delivery day and time

Standard deliveries take place inside normal working hours normal working days. Special rates apply for deliveries outside normal times.

Standard kerbside delivery

The company uses the UK carrier network to provide a delivery to kerbside service. The service has a maximum weight limit per item of 140kg.

The delivery company is contracted to deliver the consignment to the nearest vehicle access point to the final location.

The delivery driver does not carry any specialist lifting or siting equipment. For larger consignments customers are expected to provide suitable lifting gear to take the equipment from the delivery vehicle. The carrier is not contracted to unpack the equipment or dispose of the packing materials. There are two delivery services: am next day and 2-3 day service.

Specialist delivery siting and positioning service

The company uses a specialist carrier to provide a full delivery service including siting and positioning.

The carrier is contracted to provide delivery over level ground with easy access to the agreed location on the customer's premises. The carrier may be asked to unpack the equipment and dispose of the packing materials. The delivery service has a delivery date and time arranged to suit the customer and the delivery route. The service can also provide a two man delivery with specialist equipment such as stair climbers by prior arrangement. Crane hire and removal of existing UPS systems can also be catered for.