COSHH datasheet for Advance UPS + Power Conditioners


This sheet refers to all catalogue UPS and Power Conditioner products supplied by Advance.

Policy statement

The company does not use any of the following substances in the manufacture of its products:

Asbestos (blue/brown or white)

Benzene or related carcinogens

Cadmium for plating components

Halogenated (Chlorinated/Fluorinated) solvents

Ozone depleting substances

Polychlorinated Biphenyls

UPS + Power Condtioners

Although we are required to control some of the substances produced during the manufacture of these products all are covered by the guidelines provided by COSHH consultant ORL dated Oct 1989.

No substances described in COSHH regulations are present in significant volumes in finished product EXCEPT for those found in electrical storage batteries in UPS products.

These items are manufactured to be leak free and can only be a chemical hazard if damaged.

Attention is drawn to our Health + Safety data sheets safe battery handling.