Power Conditioner Siting Guide- Environment recommendations for your power centre


1. Do ensure that ventilation or air conditioning is sufficient to cope with heat dissipated by the Power Conitioner (and by any other heat sources in the Power Conitioner room), and is capable of maintaining the Power Conitioner and battery within recommended temperature and humidity conditions.

2. Do keep Power Conitioner room temperature between 20 deg C and 25 deg C to ensure optimum battery performance and life.

3. Do carry out UPS battery discharge tests every 6 to 12 months.

4. Do ensure electrical protection of supplies to the Power Conitioner are in accordance with AEL's recommendations.

5. Do provide adequate clearance around the Power Conitioner for ventilation and maintenance access.

6. Do keep the Power Conitioner and battery rooms clean at all times.

7. Do seal floors, walls etc. as necessary to prevent the creation of dust which could be drawn into the Power Conitioner.

8. Do keep the Power Conitioner regularly maintained. Advance offers Maintenance Contracts, Spares Kits and specialised training courses both for operators and for maintenance technicians.


1. Don't permit smoking or naked lights in the vicinity of lead acid batteries.

2. Don't allow access to the Power Conitioner and battery rooms by unauthorised personnel.

3. Don't use the Power Conitioner and battery rooms for storage.

4. Don't restrict the ventilation air flow into and out of the Power Conitioner.

5. Don't position water pipes or sprinkler system outlets above the Power Conitioner, otherwise fit adequate drip trays.

6. Don't allow building or electrical work to be carried out in the Power Conitioner or battery rooms whilst the equipment is energised. Always transfer the Power Conitioner to manual bypass, switch off, isolate batteries and cover the equipment whilst such work is being done. Thoroughly clean the room before re-energising the Power Conitioner.

7. Don't smoke or use corrosive materials in the vicinity of the Power Conitioner, and don't allow such materials to be introduced into the Power Conitioner room via air conditioning or ventilation equipment.